Astrology Reading: “Just want to say ‘thank you’ for a terrific session yesterday.  I am very excited about the coming year and all the things that are possible for me.  It was very validating to see that I am on track and that some of the things are just meant to be the way they are.  Looking forward to hearing the recording and reviewing the details of the chart.”  CB

Astrology Reading: “I have been listening to our session all weekend. It is crazy how you really were able to see our personalities thru the charts. I was thinking about framing the kids charts so I could watch as they get older the progression and changes.” AA

Reiki Healing Session: “I feel so much better today, you are the best.  I think it was the chakra alignment (I can’t believe I am saying that) because I’m in an incredible mood and feel better than 100%!”  TJH

Reiki Healing Session: “If you enjoy growth, healing and magic, doing a Reiki healing with Margaret Gervais is the way to go. It isn’t just that the environment is comfortable, nurturing and aesthetically pleasing, though it is, but that Margaret puts so much of herself into the healing experience. One cannot help but feel a shift in consciousness…This was my initial Reiki session and I can assure you it will not be my last. If change and transformation are interests of yours, I could not recommend anyone more…”

Reiki Workshop: “This has been a very precious gift that I have been given – one that I think of everyday. It has changed the way I think and view things in everday life. Reiki has allowed me to see the good and negative energy that surrounds us all and how to try and deal with it, bring light to it and harmony. So many things have changed since I was attuned to Reiki and I am slowly starting to let go of regrets and habits and thoughts that have been helding me back and not allowing me to move forward. Thank you fo this gift, and for showing me how to start heling myslef and others. I know I can’t say it enough – thank you. KB

Astrology: “Thank you so much for reading my chart – I think it’s given me a new dimension in my self awareness. Really it felt like the best therapy session I’ve ever had!” TW

Astrology: “Margaret is very knowledgeable, comprehensive and accessible. She explains and coashes in a thorough, thoughtful, energetic and passionate way – and in terms easy to grasp and understand. I have gone to astrologers for 20 years, and when I had a Natal Chart, and Progressions session with Margaret, I learned more than I had in many previous sessions with others. She was able to connect the dots (or planets ☺) for me in such a way that seemed quite accurate and in ways that I could relate, She is very good at what she does!” LC

Astrology: “Thank you for last week’s reading. I feel like a good share of the weight has been taken off my shoulders. I am not quite giving in to larger forces, I hope, but perhaps giving over a little. EM

Astrology: “I wanted to tahnk you for such an interesting and informative reading last week. Like I mentioned, I’ve never done this before and now that I’ve had time to “process” all that you taught me, it makes it even more powerful. When we met, I wanted to be in receiving mode so did not tell you much about how what you were saying resonated , but I think you’d probably enjoy knowing that pretty much everything you described is very fitting. Uncanny really. Again, than you for your thoughtful and thorogh interpretation of my chart. I can imagine that amount of preparation involved and I fully appreciate your work, and especially with your style. You have a very articulate and open approac that is warm, welcoming, builds trust and caries integrity. SH

Meditation Class: “Margaret’s meditation class is both interesting and enlightening. She is knowledgeable in her field and eager to help others succeed. WE found the six week class to be a valuable learning tool for our employees.” David Pollock, Stormwater Management Inc.

Meditation Class: “Margaret has a lovely and unassuming way of guiding you into a practice of meditation. She seamlessly nudges you over the mental blocks you throw in your own way. I highly recommend the class! BH