“To be a healer is to have time to practice for your transformation & after that to help with transformation & healing of others.”


Margaret Gervais is a multidimensional Buddhist teacher, guide and conduit to healing, specializing in transformative soul work. Margaret integrates wisdom traditions with insights to help clients experience transformation.

Margaret is dedicated to the transformation and evolution of consciousness.

Margaret can serve as a guide to your own awakening and is available in person in Portland and globally via Skype.

insights will change your life

Margaret is a Usui Reiki Master, Insight Meditation and Buddhist Teacher, Transformational Astrologer and Conduit to Healing.

Reiki is healing energy to create alignment of your mind, body and spirit. Meditation will help you uncover your true nature, transform your mind and release you from attachment so you may live in harmony. Traditional and contemporary Buddhist teachings inform your journey and awaken you to new ways of being. Astrology is a powerful tool for insights, self-awareness and personal development. Intuitive Healing includes advanced healing methods.

Consciousness exists, unconsciousness exists, and they co-exist as the totality of all states of being, actions and experiences, past, present and future. We have the capacity to investigate the multiplicity of our potential, heal the past, awaken to our truth and align our unconscious and conscious. Individual truth can be understood as as one’s deep inner truth, way of being, luminous or pure mind as the Buddha describes, true nature, or manifesting reality of one’s soul journey. We can learn, discover, evolve, develop, broaden, shift and become more aware.

The more we discover and awaken the more opportunity for the evolution of our consciousness, and the more we will live our lives in alignment with our truth. The continual process of the evolution of consciousness uncovers, reveals, and heals by awakening us to our truth and shining a light on insights and information that will help us align.

Working with Margaret, you will gain insights about yourself and your soul’s journey that will change your life.

see - transform - be

The power of transformation and conscious evolution come from a deep awareness of your truth and alignment with your soul’s purpose.

See the essence, power and compassion of your truth.

Transform your unconscious and consciousness to be aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Be transformed to live in alignment with this truth.

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