See Transform Be

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With the timeless tools of Reiki, Healing Sessions and Workshops, Meditation Classes, Astrology readings Margaret will assist you in discovering your true and authentic self, awaken, heal and be empowered. With deeper awareness and healing tools you can let go of attachments, self-nurture, restore balance, create greater joy and fulfillment in your life, transform and evolve.


See your truth through your astrology charts, meditation practice, Reiki, and Intuitive Healing. Seeing, knowing, aligning and then operating from your truth will awaken you to a deeper experience of being.


You will discovery your vast potential as insights arise. Insights lead to freedom because the more you learn and know about yourself the more you will be released from patterns that may be holding you back or getting in your way. You will explore how to let go, clean stuck energy, release the past and connect with the depth of your truth.


Be all you can be. How do you do this on a daily basis? How do you be consistently in alignment with your truth? This is an evolving process to which you can choose to be aligned. The more you know the more you can align with your highest intelligence and your own information. The more you awaken, the more your energy is clear, your awareness and natural healing ability increase and you will be all that you can and are meant to be.

Margaret can help you navigate your journey of consciousness and transformation.