Reiki is energy healing. Reiki unlocks potential and will transform, heal and make your mind, body and spirit whole. Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1900’s and the technique and practice is passed from master teacher to student. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words “re” and “ki”, meaning universal life energy. Margaret is a highly trained and experienced to channel healing energy to you in a manner that promotes integrated healing, insight and wellness.

Margaret provides individual Reiki Healing Sessions and also teaches Reiki l, Reiki ll and Reiki lll Training Workshops

Reiki Healing Session or Reiki Intuitive Healing Session
With calm, soothing music playing in the background you will relax on a massage table while Margaret channels Reiki healing energy to you, through the palms of her hands in the 15 classic Usui Reiki hand positions. Margaret will channel healing energy to your chakras, aura, mind, body and spirit. You will be a natural receiver of this intelligent energy.

For a Reiki Intuitive Healing Session Margaret will utilize Usui Reiki to begin a healing session and then work intuitively, in communication with the client, to activate, facilitate and manifest energetic shifts, cleansing, and renewal for healing.

Reiki is a powerful healing tool and Margaret is a powerful Reiki Master and conduit to healing, and Margaret transcends traditional healing methods with intuition and insight. She uses shamanic practices, shamanic Reiki, individualized healing ceremonies and journeys, intuitive methods, chakra cleansing, Tibetan singing bowls and other methods as a conduit for the healing of others.

If you enjoy growth, healing and magic, doing a Reiki healing with Margaret Gervais is the way to go.  It isn’t just that the environment is comfortable, nurturing and aesthetically pleasing, though it is, but that Margaret puts so much of herself into the healing experience.  One cannot help but feel a shift in consciousness…This was my initial Reiki session and I can assure you it will not be my last.  If change and transformation are interests of yours, I could not recommend anyone more…TS, LCSW

Reiki Training/Workshop
Reiki is transmitted from master teacher to student in a Reiki Workshop. There are three levels of training, Reiki l, Reiki ll, and Reiki lll (Master level). All initiates start with Reiki l. A Reiki Workshop is a ten-hour course including initiations from master teacher to student, written materials, demonstrations, instruction and hands-on experience. All participants receive full training and experience in order to be a Reiki practitioner on themselves and for others.

Margaret is a Usui certified Reiki Master, trained while living in Singapore. She has been a practicing Reiki Master in Singapore, Thailand, California, Seattle and Portland, beginning in 1999. Margaret has performed healing sessions and/or initiated hundreds of people to all levels of Reiki practice. She is a powerful conduit to healing and her practice transcends traditional healing methods to facilitate deep healing.

Reiki ll and Reiki lll Workshops are also available at The Insight Center; please contact Margaret for more information.

“Healing is remembering who we truly are. It is reconnecting to our core in the areas of our psyche where we have disconnected from it, and living accordingly.” Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan, pg. 11

“Each of us is born with a life task to reconnect to the core of our being. In order to do this, we must remove the blocks between our conscious awareness and our core.” Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan, pg. 12

“The main job of a healer is to educate the patient back into a state of familiarity with his or her balancing systems, that deeper place within us that remembers who we are, what we need, and how we heal ourselves.” Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan, pg. 49