Insights for March and April 2017


“You get to be at home with change. You get to be at home with uncertainty. You get to be at home with not knowing how it all comes out. And you make a plan knowing full well that it may be totally irrelevant a moment later, and you’re at peace with that.” Ram Dass

“The more you let go the higher you rise.” Yasmin Mogahed, #inayahquotes

“What we choose, creates. Have courage to say yes and courage to say no.”

“Our level of embodiment matters a lot.”

“The need to say yes always comes with the need to say no.”

“Edit what you vibrate.”

“The courage to say ‘no thanks.’ to the little stuff builds courage to say ‘Yes.’ to the bigger things.”

“Exercise a muscle in your subconscious.”

“Can I expand through this relationship?”

“Every choice is in alignment of not. Alignment builds, dis-alignment leaks.”

“Look where you are leaking energy and plug it.”

Tom Jacobs, Astrologer, Tom Jacobs has an excellent grounding meditation available on his website that you can listen to for free.


“The more I watch astrology work the more I firmly believe that Saturn absolutely rules good strong results. He rewards hard work. He rewards discipline, dedication and drive. All these attributes neatly apply and become exceedingly useful when working “plan your life,” “grab that goal” mise en place activities.” Philip Sedgwick,


A Meditation on Grief

“When after heavy rain the storm clouds disperse, is it not that they’ve wept themselves clear to the end?”~Ghalib

“Grief is one of the heart’s natural responses to loss. When we grieve we allow ourselves to feel the truth of our pain, the measure of betrayal or tragedy in our life. By our willingness to mourn, we slowly acknowledge, integrate, and accept the truth of our losses. Sometimes the best way to let go is to grieve.

It takes courage to grieve, to honor the pain we carry. We can grieve in tears or in meditative silence, in prayer or in song. In touching the pain of recent and long-held griefs, we come face to face with our genuine human vulnerability, with helplessness and hopelessness. These are the storm clouds of the heart.

Most traditional societies offer ritual and communal support to help people move through grief and loss. We need to respect our tears. Without a wise way to grieve, we can only soldier on, armored and unfeeling, but our hearts cannot learn and grow from the sorrows of the past.

To meditate on grief, let yourself sit, alone or with a comforting friend. Take the time to create an atmosphere of support. When you are ready, begin by sensing your breath. Feel your breathing in the area of your chest. This can help you become present to what is within you. Take one hand and hold is gently on your heart as if you were holding a vulnerable human being. You are.

As you continue to breathe, bring to mind the loss or pain you are grieving. Let the story, the images, the feelings comes naturally. Hold them gently. Take your time. Let the feelings come layer by layer, a little at a time.

Keep breathing softly, compassionately. Let whatever feelings are there, pain and tears, anger and love, fear and sorrow, come as they will. Touch them gently. Let them unravel out of your body and mind. Make space for any images that arise. Allow the whole story. Breathe and hold it all with tenderness and compassion. Kindness for it all, for you and for others.

The grief we carry is part of the grief of the world. Hold it gently. Let it be honored. You do not have to keep it in anymore. You can let it go into the heart of compassion; you can weep.

Releasing the grief we carry is a long, tear-filled process. Yet it follows the natural intelligence of the body and heart. Trust it, trust the unfolding. Along with meditation, some of your grief will want to be written, to be cried out, to be sung, to be danced. Let the timeless wisdom within you carry you through grief to an open heart.” Jack Kornfield, The meditation is taken from the book, The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace.

“Being alive means engaging in a continual process of transformation. Nothing in the natural world stays the same. Everything shows signs of being in relationship with its environment. Trees cannot deny the effects of a forest fire. Rocks do not try to hide the smoothness that results from the relentless pounding of waves upon them. Icebergs do not feign being untouched by the rising temperatures of our planet.

Yet we humans try to defend ourselves against the inevitable changes. Aging. Loss. Grief. We spend so much of our resources chasing some external solution to our internal discomfort. We have such difficulty sitting with the feelings that, if felt all the way through, could renew us. Release us. Transform us.

Our transformation depends on our ability to sit with and accept the feelings that arrive with the truth. Not our version of how we wish life would be and not the version of reality that we need to be true in order to justify how we are living. Just the honest truth. How it lands with us in this moment. What it means for our life. Right here, right now.”

Nothing about our lives or about this world will ever change without our willingness to be relentlessly honest. Especially about our past. Especially about our present. Especially when accepting the truth means that it’s time to let something go.” Chani Nicholas,













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