Insights for June and July 2017

Lotus Blossom in Portland

Lotus Blossom in Portland


 “Do the work to become the source of self love that you need.”

 “You can’t harm the soul; it’s outside of time.”

“How do we become the source of love ourselves? Your soul allows rejected-ness and pain – guaranteed – to help you find self love.” Tom Jacobs, podcast,

“The consciousness behind your human life is your soul, and your soul comes to Earth again and again in order to learn what i’s like to be human. Families are agreed upon by souls before incarnation so that all members get the chance to learn how to be human. It’s an incubator for your soul’s growth while human, as it knows you need to be trained how to be a person. It knows you’ll be helpless and clueless and birth and you’ll need help to survive as well as models of how to be human.” Tom Jacobs,

“Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before – you’ve never been this version of you. So give yourself a little grace and breathe through it.” @spiritsoul, Instagram

“Your body ages, your awareness/your soul, does not.”

“We are part of an enormous life force; and its ageless and timeless.”

Our capacity to awaken is endless.”

“Who you are was born into your body; it is not your body.” Jack Kornfield

“The stories we tell of our past are written on water.” Jack Kornfield, “no Time Like the Present”, pg. 102

“It is because we’re afflicted by the thorn of craving and attachment that we act unskillfully.” Andrew Olendzki

“What would happen if you looked straight at your fear and said, ‘Hello, what are you here to teach me?'”

“Life throws you curve balls, be brave.”

“I am not then, I am now.”

“You can reconstruct the present in the past and you can reconstruct the future in the present.” Margaret Gervais

“Not one of us is here by mistake. Not one of us is out of place. Not one of us is unwanted by life. This world is deeply incomplete without each of us in it. Incomplete without each of our individual imprints on it. Our specific touch.” Chani Nicholas,

“We are not the small self our worries believe us to be. We are life renewing itself again and again. Trust knows that nothing real can be lost. …Be the One Who Knows (the original nature of mind, the silent witness, spacious consciousness, according to Ajahn Chah) the witness to it all. This is how trust grows.”  Jack Kornfield, “No Time Like The Present”, pg. 11 and 41.

“Wise trust is not naive.” pg. 44.

“Hardship and loss are the graduate school of trust. They teach us survival and freedom that is unshakable. There is a force born in us from a thousand generations of ancestors, survivors who have offered us life. Now it’s our turn.”  pg. 44.

“The heart can trust in the timeless spirit behind the magnificent dance.” Jack Kornfield, “No Time Like the Present”, pg. 46.



The August 21, Solar Eclipse

As everyone probably knows, a total Solar Eclipse occurs on August 21, 2017 (11:30:41 PST) . On this day, the Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth, in a direct lineup, blocking the light of the sun from reaching the Earth, thus the Sun is eclipsed. It will be completely visible from a pathway crossing the United States, and if you are in the center of the pathway (path of totality) you will be in the center of the Moon’s shadow hitting the earth.   The sky will become very dark, just like nighttime. If you are outside of the pathway, you will see a partial solar eclipse, where the moon covers part of the sun.

You don’t have to see the total solar eclipse to be impacted by the phenomenon (energetic shift) of the eclipse. Many are feeling the intensity of the energy already, as these kinds of shifts start before the actual alignment and build toward the day and time of the event. Others will feel more of a shift during that week, or during that day of the eclipse.   As the energy is now moving toward the eclipse, we can benefit from being aware and prepared. Also be aware that the energetic impact of the eclipse will last months after the actual event.

What’s the energetic shift?  The Sun is our life force personal (ego) energy, it is how we shine, and the Sun will be blocked (eclipsed) by the Moon, which is our emotional security energy. In other words, our ego will be blocked by our emotions. The light of the sun, which sustains us will be blocked. It’s a deep and intense time for realizing what works for you and what doesn’t.  What has been hiding? What do you want to continue to shine in your life and what will you allow to fade away?  These are deep issues to be aware of, contemplate, let go and reset. Sit in meditation. Take time out to be quiet and reflect. Write. Draw. Paint. Read. Be in nature. Yell out loud. Dance. Do what feels good to you and allow yourself to transform.

What does emotional (moon) energy and life source (Sun) alignment look like for you?  What doesn’t fit into this alignment?  What will be eclipse for you?  And what will be aligned?

This is a powerful time to recalibrate. The solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Leo, which is a very bold, brave, highly charged regal force of energy. Be aware. Be open. Be contemplative. Seize your power.   Seize the power of solar and emotional shift and alignment and create from this place. Create what will evolve for you out of this manifestation for change. Have a vision of your six months and twelve months following Aug 21and hold that in a sacred space for yourself.


“The Five Invitations”

  1. Don’t wait
  2. Welcome everything. Push away nothing.
  3. Bring your whole self to the experience.
  4. Find a place of rest in the middle of things.
  5. Cultivate “Don’t know” mind.” Frank Ostaseski, “Starting With the Fruit”, Heart Wisdom Podcast. May 18, 2017.

“Don’t just stand there with your hair turning grey,

soon enough the seas will sink your little island.

So while there is still the illusion of time,

set out for some other shore.

No sense packing a bag,

you won’t be able to lift it into your boat.

Give away all of your collections,

take only new seeds and an old stick.

Send out some prayers on the wind before you sail.

Don’t be afraid,

someone knows you are coming.

An extra fish has been salted.”

Sono. Frank Ostaseski, “Starting With the Fruit”, Heart Wisdom Podcast., May 18, 2017.’

“Not one of us is here by mistake. Not one of us is out of place. Not one of us is unwanted by life. This world is deeply incomplete without each of us in it. Incomplete without each of our individual imprints on it. Our specific touch.” Chani Nicholas

“Mother’s dying almost stunned my spirit….She slipped from our fingers like a flake gathered by the wind, and is now part of the drift called ‘the infinite..'” Emily Dickinson, from

“Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, anything you give space to can be transformed.”  Jack Kornfield, “No Time Like the Present,” pg. 17

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