Insights for January 2018

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“By releasing something, we will draw new energy into our core.”  Dana Gerhardt,

” Clouds are just temporary; eventually the wind will come along and blow them away.”  Khenchen Thrangu, On What is Most Important, tricycle, Fall 2015.

​”Taking joy in the day, even in the simpler fact of the effort we have made, is important.  It gives us something positive to carry into the next day, and helps us harness motivation in the service of our intentions.  Joy plays a crucial role in our motivation, especially in sustaining motivation over a prolonged period of time.” Thupten Junpa Langri, PhD, Today Will Be a Day of Love and Joy, pg. 57, Lion’s roar, January 2017

“Enlightenment is a state of consciousness in which the ego disappears.” Dana Gerhardt, “Gods”, The Mountain Astrologer, Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017, pg. 19.

“This is the great invitation – to live with a trusting heart.  This is our freedom.  The greatest Zen masters say, “Enlightenment is fulfilled by the trusting heart.”

“Learn to trust your body.  Begin by mindfully and lovingly feeling what is going on in your body.  Sense the state of your body today, its signals and needs.  Listen carefully to what your body has to say to you.  What healing does it want?  What care?  What wisdom does it have to offer you?  Your body has been waiting for your attention.  Trust it.  Even if you have been out of touch for a long time, you can regain confidence step-by-step by trusting your bodily experience.”  Jack Kornfield, No Time Like the Present.

“The person you thought you were five years ago, one year ago, even yesterday, is not quite the same person you are today, potentially in some profound ways. To the extent that this is shaking up your consciousness and that of the people around you, you simply must develop confidence in yourself.” Eric Francis,

“Love yourself enough to say no to what isn’t right for you. Case closed. Final sale. No returns.” Chani Nicholas

“Renewal is happening.

Take quiet time to listen to your heart, to meditate and to rest amidst the great turnings.

Feel the renewal of spring that can be born in you.
Align yourself with goodness.
Let yourself blossom like a lotus or whatever unique flower you are,
shining in the world, offering tiny seeds of love amidst it all.” Blessings to you in 2018, Jack Kornfield


“With the senses no longer struggling to reach pleasing forms and no longer regarding unpleasing forms as repulsive, the mind is able to see more clearly what is actually arising and falling away.” Andrew Olendzki, “The Ties that Unbind.”


“The year begins as Saturn in Capricorn barrels through the most object-dense portion of one of our galactic arms. He passes by a stream of binary, x-ray eclipsing pulsars, including the pulsar that spins the fastest. Take a moment to tune to the constancy and consistency of the pulsations. Look inside. Dive deep, then deeper, consider all sides of any issue at hand, then find the flow and groove onward. In the flow, with the pulsating messages heard, work can occur faster and more effortlessly than previously imaginable.” Philip Sedgwick,

“Bottom line: as with all eclipse periods, the more you can focus on where you want to take your life, and do the things you love and want to cultivate, the better you’ll orient yourself for the next few months. The idea is to set new patterns for yourself — in my experience, even new patterns of attitude or mindset count, especially if you reinforce it with tangible action.” Eric Francis,

Mark your calendar for the 2018 Mercury retrogrades! Mercury is all about the mind and communication, and its retrograde periods are when both work in reverse or other odd ways (rethink, redo, rebuild, reconsider, revise, etc.)  so it’s helpful to know the dates!

March 3 – April 15
July 26 – August 19
November 17 – December 6


“When I feel wise and gracious, I see that ageing is just natural.  It’s what bodies do in the last chapters of incarnation.  And then I go through periods of denial, ignoring or struggling against the stream of life.  I don’t want to discount the value of healthy living to stay alive and fit, but the decline is real and inevitable.”

 You can choose to resist or be gracious [about aging], If you age without trust, you will contract and suffer, already turning toward death.  Your heart will not be free to love and enjoy each day, to dance with life…”  Jack Kornfield, No Time Like the Present 








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