Insights for February 2017


“the only way you can keep you heart open is by living simultaneously on more than one plane of consciousness. When I was in India, there was a time in Bangladesh when things were just falling apart, and I wanted to take my VW and use it as an ambulance. My guru didn’t tell me to or not to, but he saw how agitated I was, and he said, “Ram Dass, don’t you see it’s all perfect?” and I said, “Perfect?!” – I was outraged because people were dying and suffering.

My self-righteousness was outraged. How could it be perfect if people were being violated, and there is injustice?

Yet he would cry over the suffering, and he would do things to alleviate suffering, so I began to try to embrace the paradox of the planes of consciousness, in which there are inconsistencies. It involves the evolution of the individual soul through all kinds of learning experiences that involve suffering and death, but if you are looking at it through the eyes of your separateness, through your individual rational mind, it becomes a trap where you cannot see that it is all simultaneously perfect and it stinks.” Ram Dass

“I won’t walk the path of the false hero.” Margaret Gervais 2.7.17

“You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.” Eckhart Tolle

“I have sovereignty over my reactions.” Ann Ortelee

“Reality has cracked apart. Enter the crack and fly.” Kathy Biehl.

“It is as it is
I am as I am
and now is my time.” Kathy Biehl

“If you are dancing in front of someone and your feet are bleeding and they aren’t ever noticing you, it’s time to leave the room.” Kathy Biehl.

“With maturity, one learns to be at peace instead of just keeping it around you.” Dana Gerhardt

“Turn away from the polarized political confusion.
Quiet your mind, listen to your heart, follow the Dharma.
Embody compassion for all.
Stand up for your highest values. Speak out for tolerance.
Turn toward that which is important.
Now is the time to reflect,
to care, to act wisely
and to protect one another and all that matters.

May you do so and bring your blessings to this earth.” Jack Kornfield

“Accepting the weather is a beautiful practice of tolerance and impermanence.” Margaret Gervais 2.23.17

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