Insights for August 2015


“…the painful aspects of life, the really hard times, have been my main teachers.” Pema Chödrön, “What is the Most Important Thing?” Shambhala Sun, September 2015.

“Carefree is being simple from the inside out.”

“There is no need to create something by meditating, no need to achieve something – simply to be very clear, relaxed and bright.”

“If you are carefree and open from within, you can fit in anywhere.” Tsoknyi RInpoche “Happy and Carefree”, Shambhala Sun, July 2015.

“We are all incredibly imperfect.” Margaret Gervais, Elk Lake, August 2015

“Although the suffering of loss is triggered by a specific event, the painful emotions of attachment have actually arisen from multiple sources over time, and there may be more of it below the surface than was first expected.

Thus, each loss actually represents all loss, for the experience is of loss itself and not just the specific event that brought it to the surface.”

“A helpful source of strength during the process out of painful emotions is to identify with all of humanity and realize that suffering is universal to the phenomenon of being human and the evolution of the ego.” Dr. David Hawkins, “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

“When you rest in quietness and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of others fade, what’s left? A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are.”

“The truest and most mature response would be simply to stop, be still, rest, and be taken. It is only the seeker that has absolutely no interest in stopping, but you are not the seeker.”

“To be lost in not knowing is a wonderful place to be. When you’re lost in not knowing, you come to know, but not in the way that you knew before. You come to know as a moment-to-moment experience of being. That’s your knowing. And you know that that is who you really are. You are that ever-unfolding mystery beyond the mind.” Adyashanti


“…the great majority of humanity is carrying at least some form of post-traumatic stress disorder originating solely from their participation in our collective history.”

“A stressful aspect in the natal chart [astrology] involving the planet Uranus, and planet in the 11th house or Aquarius reveals a potential trauma signature. This can point to an unhealed event from a prior life held as a wound in the higher mind, expressing as a form of PTSD in the current life.”

“…[Mars] symbolizes our individual need for the freedom to perpetually self-discover through the instinctual immediacy of our own experience. Mars symbolizes aggression in service of self: the right to defend our freedom to express our will.”

“To be born is to die to our previous state.”

“…a commitment to revealing and acknowledging our deepest truth in ongoing soul work, regardless of it’s impact on the personal life, is what enable increasing harmony to emerge between our personal desires (Mars) and the intentions of the soul (Pluto).”

“Significant aspects between Mars and Pluto [in one’s astrological birth chart] can indicate that current life is one in which soul work will be emphasized. Pluto (will of the soul) is impacting (aspecting) the personal will (Mars) in order to bring about transformation.” Mark Jones, “The Soul Speaks”.


“After awhile, you come to appreciate that what you can offer another human being is to work on yourself to be a statement of what it is you have found in the way you live your life, and one of the things you have found or will find is the ability to appreciate what is, as it is, in equanimity and compassion and love that isn’t conditional; that is, you don’t love a person more because they are happier the way you think they should be. What you cultivate in yourself is the garden in which they can grow, and you offer your consciousness and the spaciousness to hear it.” Ram Dass

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