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Margaret is a Usui certified Reiki Master, trained for four years by Juliette Munro, Reiki Master, in Singapore. She has been a practicing Reiki Master in Singapore, Thailand, California, Seattle and Portland, beginning in 1999. She has performed healing sessions and/or initiated hundreds of people to all levels of Reiki practice. She transcends traditional healing methods to facilitate deep healing. Margaret is a conduit for healing, able to transcend traditional healing methods with intuition and insight. She utilizes individualized healing ceremonies and journeys, intuitive methods, chakra cleansing, Tibetan singing bowls and other methods as a conduit for the healing of others.  Margaret is a student of Sandra Brooks and is available for intuitive healing.

Margaret is a Vipassana Meditation Teacher and student of Dr. K.K. Tan in Singapore. She studied with Dr. Tan for four years and now works under his guidance with his curriculum as a teacher in California and Oregon beginning in 1999. Her classes are now available internationally via Skype. Margaret began her personal meditation practice in 1979 with Transcendental Meditation and has been a Vipassana practitioner since 1995.

Margaret is a transformational astrologer who began her professional practice in 1995. She continues her study of astrology with courses, conferences, workshops and ongoing group classes. Margaret specializes in transformational, individual soul based astrology focused on manifesting one’s destiny and transforming consciousness.


  • Evolutionary Astrology, six week course with Tom Jacobs, January – February, 2018.
  • Living in Harmony, Tricycle Online 8 unit Course of Study, Andrew Olendzki, 2017.
  • Astrology Hub New Moon and Master Class, 12 month program, 2017.
  • Composite Workshop, 2014, Transformational Astrology Foundation Course, 2013-2017, The Destiny Line Workshop, 2016, and Outer Planets Workshop, 2017, Mark Jones.
  • Intuitive Clairvoyant Healing Course and Apprenticeship, Sandra Brooks, 2013-2015.
  • Seven Courses with Steven Forrest, Astrologer, 2013-2015.
  • Astrology study group with Carol Ferris, 2008-2015.
  • “Difficult Conjunctions and Planetary Placements,” Frank Clifford, 2014.
  • The Psychology of Loving Awareness Course, Jack Kornfield Seattle, 2014.
  • Family Dynamic Workshop, Lynn Bell, 2013.
  • Astrology of Awakening 10 Week Course, Eric Meyer, 2013.
  • Deep Memory Process Past Live Regression Therapy Workshop, Patricia Walsh, 2012.
  • Science of Medical Intuition One Year Course, by Carolyn Myss and Norm Shealy, 2012.
  • Core Shamanism Course, The Foundation for Shamanic Training, 2010.
  • Feed Your Demons, Tara Mandala Retreat, Lama Tsultrim 2009.
  • Meditation Workshop, Noah Levine, 2005.
  • 8 week Meditation Course taught to employees at Stormwater Managements Inc., Portland, Oregon 2004.
  • NORWAC and Evolutionary Astrology Weekend Conferences, 2000-2014.
  • Reiki Workshop Instructor, International Center for Engaged Buddhists in Bangkok, Thailand for 20 nuns from Thailand, Tibet, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. 1999.
  • The Five Tibetans, Simple Exercises to Regain and Maintain Vital Energy, Jutta Konig, Singapore, 1997
  • Foundational Course in Astrology, Carol Devine, 1995-1999.
  • Meditation Course, Four years, Dr. K. K. Tan, Buddhist Library, Singapore 1995-1999.
  • Reiki l, Reiki ll, Reiki Master Courses, Four year Reiki Master Apprenticeship and Training, Juliette Munro, Reiki Master, Usui System of Traditional Reiki, Singapore 1995-1999.
  • Transcendental Meditation Course, Boston, Massachusetts 1979.

“We take what is in front of us and wake up from it.”–Natalie Goldberg, from “Beyond Betrayal” (Spring 2005)

“It seems we have a choice. There are many possible worlds, many possible meanings, living within us in potential, moving through us, awaiting enactment. We are not just solitary separate subjects in a meaningless universe of objects upon which we can and must impose our egocentric will. Nor are we blank slates, empty vessels, condemned to playing out passively the implacable processes of the universe – or of God – or of our environment, our genes, our race, our class, our gender, our social-linguistic community, our unconscious, our stage in evolution. Rather, we are miraculously self-reflective and autonomous yet embedded participants in a larger cosmic drama, each of us a creative nexus of action and imagination. Each is a self-responsible microcosm of the creative macrocosm of enacting a richly, complexly co-evolutionary unfolding of reality. To a crucial extent, the nature of the universe depends on it.”Richard Tamus, Cosmos and Psyche, Intimations of a new world View.

“…be a lamp on your own small island.”Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Buddhadharma, Fall 2012, pg. 13

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